Bed TV

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Social isolation, anxiety and depression are common amongst those living with life-limiting or terminal illnesses. Healthcare professionals regularly want to learn more techniques and practices that can support their evolving roles. Families, friends and carers need help and support for the unexpected and uncertain times ahead caring for a loved one. We are creating something that will support all three groups in a surprisingly familiar format.

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Prototyping preferable futures


A workshop to promote fundamental processes used in human-centred design, applied to a conceptual outcome around the current and future use of technology for ageing populations.

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Last order: pain relief at the end of life


The use of pain relief represents a tangible struggle for balance between comfort and lucidity at the end of life. The dispensing and administering of pain relief through custom concoctions is a lost art and the systematic coding of pain is in a tangible example of our modern ‘over-medicalised’ death.

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Designing advance care planning for the 21st century


We conducted a two week design sprint to identify the limitations and uncover problems with advance care planning offered by the NHS in England, and produce a ‘quick-and-dirty’ prototype in response.

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Open Plan Dying


Up until the early 20th century, we almost all died at home. Home was where death took place. It was where the individual — to an extent — controlled their death; the family cared for them, cleaned them, lived with their body after they died. Then it all changed.

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