Established in 2013 by Ivor Williams, we are a unique research and design consultancy group comprised of designers, academics and specialists forming a trandisiciplinary team.

Ivor Williams is a leading designer specialising in death and dying. He combines design methodologies with different practices in transdisciplinary collaboration with other designers, academics, clinicians and the public. He leads end-of-life care projects at the Helix Centre, co-founded their first spin out venture Digital Care Planning, and co-leads the development of Cove, a flagship mental health app available on the NHS, with his social tech company Humane Engineering. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a council member for the Association for the Study of Death and Society, and advisor for End Well, the annual end-of-life symposium in San Francisco.

Past collaborators include Alex Rothera, Jonathan Chomko, Fiona O'Leary, Angelo Semeraro, Aaron Gillett, Julien McHardy, Cassie Robinson and Dan Hill.